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Research Fields

Key research areas

Ø  Analysis of market and price developments

Ø  Investment and financing strategies for new energy technologies

Ø  Evaluation of innovative trading products & strategies

Ø  Interdependencies of financial and energy markets

Ø  Sustainable, future-proof market designs

Ø  Business models for the retail market


Emerging energy research fields

Ø  New technologies & system control concepts:

-         Engineering and Natural Sciences

Ø  New market, business and regulation models

-         Economics, Law, Social Sciences 

Ø  Theoretical First-Best approaches have already been investigated thoroughly in the past

-         Emission taxes or certificate trading with stabilised prices

-         Competitive markets for electricity and other commodities with (temporally and/or spatially) varying prices

-         Regulation of monopolistic bottlenecks, i.e. energy grid infrastructures

Ø  Practically implementable approaches

Ø  Substantial empirical analyses

Ø  Decision support for companies