On 10.05.2016, the Chair of Energy led by Prof. Weber conducted an excursion to the "Großkraftwerk Mannheim". (large power plant Mannheim)

During the excursion, block 9 of the power plant was visited.

The hard coal block 9 planned in 2007 was officially commissioned on 22 September 2015 after a construction period of 6 years.

The 25 participants were first introduced to the general safety regulations and the most important organisational facts of the GKM Mannheim.

After the welcoming speech and a lecture on the energy industry and technology of the Mannheim nuclear power plant, the students were able to get an idea of the dimensions of the plant and the interior of the cooling towers during the subsequent guided tour.

The principle of cogeneration makes the hard coal-fired power plant particularly efficient and environmentally friendly.

A huge building next to the boiler house is used to clean the exhaust gases. On the one hand, the exhaust air is desulphurized here, whereby the building material gypsum is produced, and on the other hand it is purified from fly ash and released from nitrogen oxides. It was also interesting to learn that the power plant does not have cooling towers for urban planning reasons.

In addition, the power plant has gained a high level of acceptance in the region thanks to its good information policy.

The excursion was considered by all to be well organized and very instructive