On 12 January 2010, a group of 24 students from the UDE's Faculty of Energy Economics visited the headquarters of Germany's largest aluminium producer- Trimet Aluminium AG in Essen.

After a few introductory words about the history and development of the company, the main production areas were explained, key data of the company and its customers as well as current trends and research areas were presented.

The students were then led through the workshops in two groups, where they were able to gain an impression of the production of aluminium components for a modern foundry. Trimet has three halls, each 900m long. The plant has an energy demand similar to that of the city of Essen.

After the tour was finished, the group returned to the meeting room for a final discussion round. The students asked many questions, so that inspiring conversations were conducted quickly.

The event took place in a very pleasant atmosphere and the feedback from all participants was very positive.